A Veteran performance artist that knows her way around on the stage as well as behind. With a resume that rivals some of Hollywood’s most seasoned professionals, make no mistake this Artist is poised to hit Hollywood and conquer the world with her original style, songwriting and lyrical strength.

Vanessa Athens has been working hard at Skylark Studios since 2004 amongst her many projects.

Including Dj Teo, Jase & Joel Vani’s version of Amazing Grace titled “Gracia” featuring Vanessa Athens on vocals in English and Spanish. Gracia, released on December 20th 2008 marked Vanessa Athens first record released under the independent record label. Vanessa followed up this release with Make Me Feel in 2009.

Gracia was licensed by Poised Interactive Media and OOMM Clothing in September of 2007 for a live performance in a fashion run way event called Fashion Redesigned. The license included live broadcast and replication of DVD and broadcast media for the internet and other media devices.

In addition to being an entertainer, Vanessa Athens also works behind the stage and camera as an established Hair Dresser and Make Up Artist. Recently publishing a book on the subject entitled AESTHetiquette whereas she showcases a few of her mastered techniques.

Vanessa was the Associate Producer for the television show Dance Moms. Where she won a Children’s Choice Award for the highest rated syndicated television series on Lifetime Network.