Clutch Thompson

Clutch Thompson, a hip-hop producer and rapper known for his work with Cloth Records. His Debut Album, Shown By Example was released in 2009 and can be found among his other works on Reverbnation. Clutch’s original Lyrics and compositions embody the spirit of Hip Hop. His audio engineering ability has allowed collaboration on a multitude of projects that has proven his diversity across many genres.

Clutch Thompson on Reverbnation

An upcoming artist in Hip Hop and music in general, Clutch set the tone for The Smell Of Incense E.P. Collaborating with Skylark Recordings between 2009 – 2010 to develop the early versions of the E.P. Producing the original composition that Aimee Jacobs wrote lyrics upon that became the cross over E.P. that united Trip Hop, House, Electro, Rock, Progressive, Down Tempo and Drum n’ Bass.