Ayumi Endo

Ayumi Endo also known as Ry from Yokohama, Japan is the artist and vocalist featured upon the composition ” House Of Skylark” and a member of the Japanese reggae tone group RA RA. At age 25, Ayumi Endo was visiting the Untied States when she met Dj Teo and recorded the “House of Skylark” composition in 2006 among others Skylark Recordings plans to release in the future.

The voice of Skylark Recordings is Ayumi Endo, found on most audio and all video titles the label has produced since 2006. The intro is spoken in Japanese and translates to “Music from the house of the sky”. This quote was exerted from the House Of Skylark composition and has become the signature of Skylark’s media.

House Of Skylark was released in November 2008 internationally.