Children Of Light – Lyrics

Children Of Light

Come learn the language we spoke of old
The language of love
The language of light
The language of no misunderstanding

Do you hear my song?
Do you hear what I am singing?

In this age my words will be as music
They will translate into action
for all those who move in time
For my life is not still and stationary
As are the very best of words

Life is moving and alive
Changing, laughing, playing flowing over into the new

Come with me
Join me on this journey of unimaginable adventure
We are the children of light
We create and shape the children of the future
Let us spread the love and peace that we all deserve
Come together and bond the eternal circle of life
Dance the cosmic dance
Forget the fears that haunt us
For they just steer us away from the truth
We are infinite beings beyond space and time
We can do anything,
The possibilities are endless

Deeper and deeper we travel into the center of our own selves
Deeper we flow through the memories of yesterday
And the dreams of tomorrow

Now we are centered between yesterday and tomorrow
Let your wall down
Allow your radiant light to shine
Through all that was
And all that is to be
Go deeper
You are beautiful

Anonymous – Circa 1990


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